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Welcome to – where the heartland meets horsepower!

We are more than just about cars – we are about the culture and community born in the endless horizon of the open road. Our blog is born out of the same rugged, everlasting spirit forged by the American Midwest – and that is how we do our cars. Our content is made for those who see beauty in the fields, and power in the engines raising them. Our team of dedicated car lovers is especially focused on the kind of vehicles that feel just as much in place on the highway as they do on a gravel road.

The latest in safe work trucks, cross-country family SUVs, and anything else that is a quintessential part of the rural – sometimes even suburban – lifestyle are featured at With a mix of the practical, the sentimental, and the nostalgic, we are a site of comprehensive reviews, heartwarming feature stories, and the news that matters to us. Our expert panel of writers comes from all corners of the Midwest, to give you their personal, real-world experiences along with cold technical knowledge.

We understand that your car isn’t just a car – it’s your family, your workhorse, your doorway to some of the most scenic routes in the world. That’s why we are bringing you guides on picking the one that best fits your needs and how to keep it running smoothly for years to come. Welcome to! We can’t wait to hit the road with you as we discover not just the road less taken, but the cars that make our journey unforgettable.

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